07.10.2022 - 19:00

Integrity - Shutdown

INTEGRITY (Metal, Hardcore, USA)

SHUTDOWN (New York Hardcore, USA)

Conjuring corrosive visions of the never-ending apocalypse, Relapse recording artists INTEGRITY have relentlessly infected humanity with their noxious vision of haunting gospel for more than 3 decades. Biblically unbound and notorious for being one of the most incendiary and influential music-driven plagues of modern metal history.

New York hardcore took a positive turn in December, 1994, when SHUTDOWN emerged on the scene as one of few bands ready to take their music and message to the next level. With an emphasis on old-school values and new school musical sensibility, Shutdown were poised to take over where bands like Warzone, Cro Mags and Gorilla Biscuits left off.


Kartenvorverkauf: 20,00 € (-zzgl. Geb.)
Abendkassa: 23,00 €



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