28.09.2019 - 19:00

Fallen apart - release show - support In somnia

Fallen Apart - Album Release

Fallen Apart is a Melodic Metalcore band from Innsbruck founded in 2016. With the release of their first ever album the newcoming band attempts to incorporate intricate songwriting, delicious riffs, heavy drums, aggressive vocals as well as melodic singing into well-rounded music. The songs' lyrics deal with the profound struggles many of us may face in their lives.

Tom - Vocals,
Jesse - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Paul - Rhythm Guitar,
Wabbo - Drums,
Doom - Bass


In Somnia

Was found in the heart oft he alps in 2013 for the sake of making serious music with a focus on expression. Moderate to fast drumbeats, simple fundamental basslines, less distorted guitars combined with classical piano, strings, versatile vocals and an open mind complete the sonic landscape of this unique Tyrolean metal style. The personality of their music formed due to hailing from a district set in the shadow of over 250 mountain-summits higher than 3000 meters and attached a different view and a dark sense of humour to their lyrics. They are coming with the alpine wind!

Simon Andreas Brunner - Vocals & Lead Guitar
Dominic Granegger - Drums
Dominik Senfter - Synth & Keys
Andreas Wibmer - Guitar
Chris Manucredo - Bass





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