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Bold - IQ69

BOLD (New York/USA)

...The legendary 1980s youth crew hardcore band from Westchester County, New York, which, along with bands like Youth Of Today and Side By Side, were a big part of the Youth Crew and an influence in the late 80’s straight edge hardcore scene is back!

Formed in 1985 by four disaffected thirteen year olds, BOLD began life as Crippled Youth.

The band first caught the attention of the thriving mid-80’s hardcore scene with the release of their nine song e.p., “Join The Fight”, which along with brother band, Youth of Today helped define the look, message and sound of what would become known as Youth Crew hardcore. Shortly after the release of“Join The Fight”, the band changed its name and released the landmark NYHC L.P. “Speak Out” on Revelation Records.

Non-stop live shows expanded the band’s reach and cemented them among the most influential groups of their time.

In 1989 BOLD recruited guitarist Tom Capone for the release of what would become, at its time, their swan song - the eponymous 7”, which would later be re-released as Looking Back.

This record marked a distinct sonic and lyrical progression; anticipating the more technical components of what would follow in hardcore of the 90’s, while at the same time, pre-figuring many hallmarks of what would soon inform post-hardcore.

Since 2005 the band have performed off and on throughout The U.S., Europe and the Far East.

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I.Q.'69 (Innsbruck/Austria)

Oldschool Punk from Innsbruck established 1988

In 1988, Evil Oppi and I.Q. founded Fred founded the scandalous punk rock band I.Q. 69. After numerous excesses live on stage, as well as drinking through nights around the legendary Haus am Haven in Innsbruck, Fred's ears paid tribute and crashed.

In the disoriented Johnny Unterrainer (Is my vocation in Metal, Reggae, Rock´n Roll or Punk?) they found the new singer at I.Q. Mic.
Now the motto since 1990 is: Punk Rock/ Tattoos/ Beer - and that with more line-up changes than a whore import and export.
But sooner or later morbid music possessed people get together between the first and the last beer.

So the ex Harvester bassist Börny has been swinging his chain bass under the flag of I.Q. 69 since 1995. And in 2001 the I.Q. Mosaik with Hoizal on drums, who also sets the beat in the Tyrolean reggae band Inn-a-Valley.

In terms of style the I.Q.´s move between hard old Rock´n Roll and straight Punk Rock. The lyrics are partly in English and partly in German.




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