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Instrumental progressive - Metalcore

The last cell - Genesis collapse - Embrace the fire

Instrumental Progressive Music from Austria

Jean Marc Perc, based in Vienna has been releasing instrumental progressive music under the alias "The Last Cell" since 2018.

Captivated by guitar from an early age as 9 later led to his Jazz and Popular Music studies.
Debut EP "Nautilus" release in March 2018.

After he found his own voice in the prog scene, Lukas Florian (Bass) and Robin Weber (Drums) joined him.
Finally they could hit the scene in Vienna alongside "Their Dogs Were Astronauts" in 2018.

2019 2nd EP release "Continental Drift.
In addition, the two singles "Airieleon" featuring the amazing guitarist and musician Poh Hock Kee and "Leap" were released in 2020.

The second half of 2020 marks a new Milestone for The Last Cell, as the third and long anticipated EP "Veter" will be released.
Therefore continuing telling the story about life, uncertainty and the end of it all, in a monumental way.

Long after humanity has died, the universe will start to fade into extinction until there is but one thing left -

Genesis Collapse:
Im Sommer 2020 trafen vier junge Musiker aufeinander - alle mit derselben Leidenschaft und Hingabe für Hard Rock und Metal. Sie gründeten die Metal-Core Band “Genesis Collapse”, die sich schnell über die Stufe einer einfachen Schüler-Coverband hinausbewegen sollte.
Frontmann und Rhythmusgitarrist Laurenz Loidl (17), Drummer Raphael Auer (21), Lead-Gitarrist Andreas Astl (17) und Bassist Valentin Krall (19) gelang in wenigen Monaten, ihre ersten Songs zu schreiben. Im folgenden Sommer 2021 ging es für die vier Jungs aus dem Tiroler Unterland das erste Mal in Studio. Mit der Unterstützung des TwoEleven Records Teams produzierte die Band ihre großartige erste Single „Wicked Minds“.

Embrace The Fire: