Samstag 09.12.2023
Blues Rock Stonerrock Flash Rock

Dead Gallery - Meat Cheese

A night full of loud rock 'n' roll, spacey jams and heavy blues- & stonerrock!

Dead Gallery (AUT):

Dead Gallery is a power trio from Tyrol, Austria. Combining heavy blues riffs with psychedelic jams the sound is reminiscent of moaning amps first heard in the late sixties. Their debut album 'Dead Man's Theme' is a musical journey through the genres of pure rock 'n' roll, stomping bluesrock all the way to more experimental, progressive and stonerrock influenced jams.

"[…] Tom Hanno (Tom’s Reviews, The Third Eye) stated: “The influences on this album are of the highest pedigree, as I hear Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton merging into one Blues laden, Psych leaning, Rock and Roll juggernaut. Just don’t expect a clone of any of those legendary guitarists, as DEAD GALLERY has their own sound and style, and it’s one you all need to hear immediately!” More on The Third Eye! […]"


Meat Cheese (AUT):

MEAT CHEESE is a Power Duo from Tirol/Austria. Gregor Lindner (Bass, Vocals) and Michael Posch (Drums, Backing – Vocals) started in 2019. They describe their sound as „Flash Rock“, a momentum of extatic sound and energy! Meat Cheese leave a lot of space for improvisation in their compositions. Don't overthink,
have fun and head first they break the sound barrier!


19:00 Entry

10 AK / 8 VVK

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