Samstag 29.04.2023
Heavy Metal - Power Metal - Deathgrind - Doom

Crystal Viper - Mortician - Sarcasm syndrome - Olymp

CRYSTAL VIPER is a female fronted traditional Heavy Metal band from Poland, founded by vocalist & guitarist Marta Gabriel. The band released its debut album in 2007, and since then toured in more than 15 countries, played in both tiny clubs and at huge open air festivals, released eight studio albums, and bunch of singles. So one thing is sure: they are one of the most hard working and most determined bands of their generation!

Their newest studio album came out in 2021 and we are happy to bring "The Cult" to Innsbruck!

MORTICIAN was founded in 1983 by five young metal fans in western Austria. In 1987 the band recorded their highly appreciated EP “NO WAR”, which has been recognized as a cult item among the specialized press and heavy metal fans.
In this new era, Mortician shared the stage with a lot of great bands like Tygers of Pan Tang, Vicious Rumors or Jag Panzer, just to name a few. Their gigs at Keep it True or Up the Hammers Festival in Greece are certainly highlights to mention. This year marks their 40th anniversary! Lets make it a memorable one!

SARCASM SYNDROME was founded in 1993 as a Thrash/Punk band. After several lineup changes (especially to female fronted vocals!) they found their very own distinctive sound. From then on Sarcasm Syndrome's musical style changed to Progressive/Doom.
In 2017 the band reformed again and recorded the album "Thy Darkness" containing their hit single "Cthulhu rising", which would soon become an underground classic.

OLYMP are pure heavy metal. With driving riffs in the tradition of the 80ies the four guys from Augsburg know how to rock. Lightning fast twin leads, a growling bass, and the hammering of the thunder drums finally drag the last listener up to the Olympus. Since the beginning of 2018 the band has been working on their own material. With their recently released E.P. they emphasize their ambitions to climb the metal Olympus. Please welcome, for the first time in Austria- Olymp!

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