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ART.ill-ery Productions proudly presents:

EARTH SHIP (Napalm Records)


Die Macht des Riffs in all ihren Facetten: EARTH SHIP das ewig mäandernde Etikett Sludge Rock anzuheften, wäre ein grandioses Understatement und ignorant gleichermaßen. Die Berliner beherrschen auf ihrem vierten Album Hollowed einmal mehr die süffige Laut / Leise-Dynamik, die man etwa von KYLESA oder Crowbar kennt, und toppen das Ganze mit morbiden Melodien, die Alice in Chains alle Ehre machen würden. Unterfüttert mit der monolithischen Wucht des Doom kehrt hier eine schillernde Band dem Underground den Rücken: ganz großes Kino!

Behold the power of the riff in all shapes and sizes: it would be a serious understatement, even borderline ignorance to simply lump Earth Ship in with the rest of the sludge rock genre – a horribly abused and undefined tag. On Hollowed, these Berlins once more gracefully tackle the soft yet stronger dynamic of bands like Kylesa and Crowbar, celebrating and crowning the whole thing with morbid melodies Alice In Chains would be proud of. Saturated with monolithic doom and hauntingly good!�


Ånd (This Charming Man Records)


Founded by Benjamin Linz and Sebastian Fischbeck in Winter 2015, Berlin based Post Black Metal Band ÅND will release its debut album in late 2016. Both fellows had the idea to create a Black Metal and Punk influenced band standing in the tradition of artists like Terra Tenebrosa, Secrets of the Moon or Helrunar.

Add a pinch of Doom and Ambient and you'll get the picture.

In the beginning of 2016 Sebastian Grimberg and Jan Korbach completed the Line-Up to play the first shows and record the debut „Aeternus“ at Hidden Planet Studios, Berlin (Sun Worship, The Ocean, Abest). „Aeternus“ (= ewig) tells a desolate story of deprivation and struggle – the myth about a woman, longing for happiness in a world of sacrifice ages ago...

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